Rishikesh – land of rishis! This city is in the northern part of Uttarakhand at the foothills of Himalayas with the river Ganges flowing beside it. It is an amalgamation of spirituality and adventure. It is a perfect getaway to see the best of both the worlds. So, if you are planning a weekend getaway or a few days of soul searching, then Rishikesh is the place for you.

There are these 10 things that you can include in your itinerary to experience all the facades of this vibrant city.

1. Yoga and meditation

Rishikesh being the yoga capital, one’s visit here is incomplete without experiencing this aspect of the city. The fresh Himalayan breeze and the soft sound of the Ganges flowing, makes it even more precious experience. You can go for drop-in classes of yoga and meditation held at various ashrams like, Anand Prakash ashram, Parmarth Niketan, Anandham ashram, Osho’s etc. Apart from this you can also try sound healing meditation here in Rishikesh.

2. Spiritual and temple tours

Submerge your spirit in this mystic city of divine intervention. You can visit the numerous temples, ghats and ashrams in Rishikesh to experience the taste of religious ceremonies and cultural harmony.

The famous evening Ganga arti ceremony at Triveni ghat is an experience not to miss out on. You can also visit the ‘Beatles ashram’ for a very different and soothing vibes.

3. River Rafting

If you are an adventure junkie, you are in the right place! Rafting in the Ganges is one of the highlights of the city. There are many agencies that offer various combo packages that are light on the traveler’s pocket.

4. Trekking

Starting your day with an early morning trek or hike can boost your energy level like nothing else. If you can start early and want a good view of sunrise then the ideal place is Kunjapuri at a height of 1600 metres in the Himalayas to experience the most vibrant sunrise. Once you are filled with the healing warmth of the sun and have got a good dose of vitamin D, you can trek your way down to Neergarh waterfall for a dip in the spring water, that will leave you refreshed all day long.

You can also randomly go trekking or hiking around the city, and camp there as well, the city gives a lot of options to explore. So awaken the explorer within you NOW and get going to Rishikesh.

5. Bungee jumping

Another thrill based activity in the city that is common is bungee jumping. The excitement and thrill this sport offers is beyond words. If you are looking for some adrenaline rush, heart thumping, breath taking activity then bungee jumping is a good option.

6. Biking

It is very easy to rent a bike here in the city. If you enjoy riding a bike, then good time to enjoy the fresh breeze and start riding the narrow roads, it’s so much more convenient and easy to move around the city, and a very fun way to explore while you watch those calories you have consumed earlier.

7. Rajaji National Park

It is a national park and tiger reserve near Rishikesh. If you are a nature lover and want to see the wildlife up and close, this is your dig at it. They offer jungle safaris that enable you to see the wildlife from a short distance. You can also spend a night in the national park to experience the jungle life within the park.

8. Flying fox

Yet another fun filled activity, with a harness tied around, you roll down the rope that is 7 metres grass level at 160 km/hr. And then you roll back up. You can enjoy the serene bird’s eye view while you are at it.

9. Café’s, time to eat

After a fun filled active day, who isn’t hungry? Well, city has lots of cafes to hop with lovely view of Ganges flowing by, good food and chill vibes, it really is heavenly. You can explore cafes like Little Buddha, Beatles cafe, Tat café etc. all around Lakshman jhula.

10. Reiki healing centres and ayurvedic massage therapies

After all the yoga sessions and adventure activities it definitely is a good idea to relax your mind, body and soul. A soothing way to relax those stiff muscles is an elaborate ayurvedic massage therapy or healing sessions that are great for your mind and body. Also it is a perfect way to end your day.

These are few activities you must get yourself involved in. It is quite easy to reach the city, and a perfect weekend getaway for neighboring towns and cities. This city is breath of fresh air you cannot miss.

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