India is huge – It is the 7th largest country in the world. It is the most diverse countries with various cultures, religions and languages. If you are planning backpacking trip to this land of colours and mysteries. Here are few fun facts and hacks for your travel adventure in the country.


Land of origin

There is plethora of wonderful things that were originated here in India. Like diamond mining, diamonds are believed to be dated back 3000 years according to the first recorded history. Zero, algebra, the number pi, trigonometry, water in the moon, shampooing, along with games like snakes and ladder and chess are all Indian origins.

The Indian film Industry

The Indian film industry is a massive industry. Around 1200 movies a year is produced in India, compared to Hollywood which only produces 700 movies per year.

Highest cricket ground

The cricket stadium happens to the highest cricket ground in the world. It is situated 1457 metres above the sea level surrounded by the beautiful Himalyan range.

Second largest English speaking nation

It is quite surprising but true. India is second largest English speaking country, second only to the US. A good number of population is fluent in English. Which makes it easier for a traveler to travel and communicate with the Indians, sometimes ending in long term friendships as well.

Worlds largest milk production

If you love and enjoy milk or milk products…you know where to go! Recently, India overtook the European Union with production reaching over 132.4m tonnes in 2014. So enjoy the dairy products when you are in India.

Mawsynram – wettest place on earth

This village situated on the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, receives the highest average rainfall in the world. It holds a Guinness record for it with 11,873 millimetres of rain.

Cherrapunji, which is also a part of Meghalaya, holds the record for the most rainfall in the calendar year of 1861.

Worlds only floating post office

Yes! its not a story but a living fact. India has very big postal networks. And this floating post office is in Dal lake, Srinagar.

3rd largest desert

The Thar desert in India is believed to be the 3rd largest desert in Asia. Sahara desert holds the number one place.

These were couple of fun facts about India, the list is super long, so we have covered only few. India cannot be put together in one write up. Now, lets see couple of hacks when you are traveling to India.

Indian number

The first thing once you are in India is to get an Indian number, coz most of the train, bus bookings won’t proceed without a local number. Also, with Indian number get some internet data, in case you are not in a wifi friendly zone, then this will be handy.

Get google maps

Technology has made things very easy for travelers across the globe. And google maps is one such blessing. It is very easy to locate places, atms nearby, cafes etc. through the maps. However, you can’t always rely on them if you are in the interiors, secluded or rural areas in India. But it works in most of the places so it is an ideal app to have.

Get recommendations

You won’t find all the places in the search results, ask other travelers for recommendations for places to see or eat. You will be quite surprised to discover good local places around.

Re-hydration salt packets

You must not forget that India is a tropical country. It is a warm country, well at least most parts of it.

India is a land of striking contrasts: beauty and plain, peace and chaos, wild and sane – a country that will sooth everybody’s taste.

In India backpacking is cheap! You can practically get meals for half a dollar everywhere, and accommodation prices can be very low, even in the big cities! The food is varied and just too delicious and cheap!

India has endless diversity from tropical forests to deserts,from cold white mountains to lovely beaches. Hopefully this facts and hacks would help you plan your next big trip to India soon!

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