I believe every place has its own soul and it is as living as we all are. It has its own behaviour , feel or disposition anything you may call it. Rishikesh , being the beautiful host of many saints, pilgrims, devotees , yogis etc has a spiritual soul. It is as divine as the prayers and hymns of devotees meditating on the banks of Holy Ganges. It is as alive as the hopes of many people visiting here having multiple reasons. It has its own magnetic pull that attracts every single being in this universe but with different frequencies. For some, it can be just a weekend getaway or a holiday destination but for some it’s a place they had been looking for all their life. Every habitant living here has their own stories and their own reasons for settling here permanently. These are the people who are never born and brought up in Rishikesh , these are the people from all around the globe who choose Rishikesh to be their “Home Sweet Home”.  Such is the beautiful vibe of Rishikesh and such is the spacious heart it has. 

From white sand beaches extended across, it is the best place for anyone to enjoy sunbathing , volleyball, bonfire, reading ,rafting etc. On the other hand, one can elevate its spiritual existence by attending evening religious ceremonies , spiritual talks, congregation chantings along the river banks. It is a living wish filling tree on our Earth. It has everything for everyone. Be it Yoga, Meditation, Healing , Rafting , Camping , Bungee , Astrology etc. You name it , You have it.  It is an ideal blend of spirituality and adventure.  

It is the time for you to delve into the amalgamation of spirituality and adventure. So, Pack your bags and begin your spiritual adventure. 

Let’s Hop Enroute

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