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There are ample stories about the Himalayas in feebles, folklores, and histories. The Himalayan range is not only adored for its picturesque scenic beauty but also is highly significant in beliefs that make some spots more exciting. The Chopta Chandashila or Nag Tibba Trek does not only awestruck with beauty beyond words but also makes you travel in time and transport you to a space of serenity.

Chopta Chandrashila

INR 5999 /-

Kanatal Tehri Getaway

INR 5999 /-

Kareri Lake Trek

INR 5999 /-

Mcleod Bir Trip

INR 5999 /-

Nag Tibba Trek

INR 5999 /-

Kunjapuri Day Hike

INR 5999 /-

Traveling while enjoying the most enthralling sports in the lap of nature – this is an experience that you can never miss! Be it India’s highest Bungy jumping or Asia’s highest paragliding! Imagine you have it all along with White Water Rafting! Tick your bucket-list, your dreams are going to come true!

India's Highest Bungy Jumping

INR 5999 /-

White Water Rafting

INR 5999 /-


INR 5999 /-

Asi_s Highest Paragliding

INR 5999 /-

Make the most memorable trips of your life in the mesmerizing woods of the Himalayas. Get the Weekend Gateways to Rishikesh, or McLeodganj, reverb with the silence of the hills. Take the tour in nature, make the weekend refreshed with rejoicing.

Rishikesh Weekend Getaway

INR 5999 /-

Mcleodganj Weekend Getaway

INR 5999 /-

The Secret Trip

Would you like to get kidnapped?

Why Travel with us?

Travel Like a Local

In heights of the Himalayas, explore your path to a beautiful destination while absorbing the scenic beauty on your way. With Shalom Hostels, you get the treatment and assistance for your expedition as a local. Have the ideal hospitality with a feel like home.

Fixed Departures

Don’t bother about the hassles of booking and arrangements. With Fixed Departures, you don’t need to worry about outlining your tour plan. Most excitingly even if you are traveling alone, you have companies who are just like you!

Ad-Hoc Customization

Overwhelming services often get confusing. Avail services as per your need. Customize your preference, while we assure you quality in performance. Right solutions for requirements.

Call Support

We ensure your best travel experience and we are here to assist anytime you need. Our Call Support team is available for any guidance you seek.

Post Confirmation Booking

We make sure the process of boking is transparent and easy. You will always be notified of the confirmation of your bookings.

Take a Walk in Solitude

Take that solitary walk to the spot you liked or spend some me-time in the tranquil hills, lose your way and find it back in the woods – give yourself the calm retreat. Seize the moment. Live it fully.

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